In addition to many eye-catching colour models, there is also the option of opting for shiny pantyhose. This is the best choice if you like it more eye-catching and if you like to be in the limelight of the evening. But there are some things to consider when buying glossy pantyhose. These models are not perfectly suitable for every woman, as the fashionable garment can also have disadvantages depending on the wearer.

the advantages when the pantyhose is shiny

shiny pantyhoseBut first to the advantages. The shiny pantyhose can become a real eye-catcher if you combine it with the right outfit. For example, you should make sure that a shiny top in combination with a shiny top is an absolute no-go. It looks simply too much and the observer does not find a fixed point and is overwhelmed with the mass of glitter. A further positive aspect is that with a glossy pantyhose unevenness is covered up even more.

Due to the glossy effect, the observer is not directly aware of problem zones on the legs, as one first only pays attention to the glossy pantyhose as a whole. Due to the shine, the pantyhose also looks much more glamorous than the standard models. Especially for a suitable occasion, for example an evening ball or a wedding, the gloss pantyhose is preferable to the normal pantyhose. If you consider these aspects and combine the shiny leg dress with the right accessories, you will certainly be an eye-catcher at the next evening ball. Another functional advantage is that the workmanship and quality of this type of pantyhose is often higher than normal.

By the way: The pantyhose is not only suitable for noble occasions, also under a dirndl shiny pantyhose are great.

Just try it out at the next Oktoberfest.

What are the disadvantages of shiny pantyhose

But there are also disadvantages that should be considered in order not to attract unattractive glances. For women who feel that their legs are too thick, shiny tights may be the wrong choice. In these cases, you may want to use it as an alternative to a matt tights. But why is that? In general, there is a simple reason for this. Shiny surfaces, in this case the legs, make them appear fuller and rounder, so that you and possibly the observer could get the feeling that the legs look thicker than they actually are.

Especially with small and sporty women this could become a problem, because the legs of a shiny pantyhose look thicker than they should because of the small size. Even if the high-gloss look often fascinates and attracts, you should critically question it if you want to get the best out of yourself. If the pantyhose is shiny, it can also have a reverse effect if you think your legs are too thin.

Follow the tips given and combine one of these models with a simple top or a beautiful dress. So nothing stands in the way of your next glamorous appearance. The high-gloss pantyhose will always serve as a successful change.

shiny pantyhose – good tights for business women
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