Tights are very feminine pieces of clothing. They are availabe with different patterns and in different colours. Very important is also the thickness of the pantyhose. Hosiery with 8 Denier is very sheer. You probably need to take a good look on a photo to see the 8 Denier pantyhose on a woman. High quality photos are great for sheer tights because of that. We love to take high quality photos.

Let’s take a look at some fullsize pantyhose pics from our portfolio:

pantyhose pics

pantyhose photos

Hopefully you like our pantyhose gallery. You can find many more photos on our Patreon Channel of our main photography page beshiny.net.

How can women look good on pantyhose pics?

The outfit itself is very important for a good look, but also the camera usage.

Some pantyhose material is very shiny, when the flash of the camera is used. So it’s important to turn on or turn of the flash, to make the legs look shiny or matt on the pantyhose photos.

The great variety of hosiery is good for many differnt photos. Irrespective of the thickness of the material and the Denier, there is no need to compromise on choice at any time. Each season, the selection by the manufacturers becomes more extensive. Classic, modern, bright colours and attractive and seductive patterns, there is everything the heart dares to dream of. The colours have to be distinguished from the intensity, whether they are transparent or opaque models. The thicker and more opaque, the stronger and just as brighter the colours can be. Whether yellow, gold, blue, violet, purple, pink, orange, green or much more, the choice seems to know no bounds.

When it comes to the bright colours, matching the outfit is even more important than with other tights. The colours of the transparent legwear are more discreet and yet offer many different shades. An eye-catcher are not only the colours, but also the designs. So lace hems can lead to a seductive note and an increased self-confidence. However, not only the hem, but the whole leg can be decorated with that certain something. Floral patterns, stripes and a net look can complement a wide variety of clothing. The agony of the choice lies ultimately always with the wearer, who must pay attention to several details.

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