As with all things that are bought, you want to keep them for as long as possible because money was spent on them. For some it does not matter whether the products were cheap or expensive. In order to maintain the life span in the best possible way, a contribution must be made. This is primarily reflected in the care of tights. A lot has to be taken into account to prevent the fabric from being damaged. The care instructions indicate whether and how the material is to be washed.

Depending on the material composition and weaving, this may be machine or hand washing. For both variants, a low temperature of approximately 30 degrees Celsius should be used.

At high temperatures, the elastic and flexible properties of the textile are lost. In addition, it must always be ensured that it does not come into contact with pointed or angular objects. This means that a laundry bag must be used in the washing machine and the fine wash cycle selected. The spin cycle must also be completely dispensed with. It is advisable to use a liquid mild detergent for hand and machine washing. The pantyhose is wrung out after washing and ideally dried lying down.

Problem running meshes

how to wash pantyhoseWho doesn’t know the feeling when a running stitch is discovered on the pantyhose? This occurs immediately after the material has been damaged. There are many situations in everyday life that can lead to this. It can already have happened when you hit an edge. Another problem often occurs in the area of toes and heels. Rough skin and toenails can also damage the tissue. Since these are known problem zones, there is a reinforcement on the toes or additionally on the heel, depending on the manufacturer, which prevents the formation of meshes. If there is a running stitch in the further tissue, further threading can be prevented with simple means. This way the day can be survived.

The adhesive ingredients of hairspray and nail polish seal the area around the hole. The faster one acts, the smaller are the obvious effects. The type of weaving affects the course of a running stitch. In some models this can only lead around the leg, but in other models it can lead to the fabric being severed more widely. As this is a problem which is not an isolated case with fine pantyhose, there are more and more variants on the market which have a mesh stop function. Depending on use and frequency, this can be a worthwhile purchase.

how to wash pantyhose – tipps to not destroy sheer hosiery
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