As you know, there is a very large selection of different tights. Colourful and simple models, Shape pantyhose, compression pantyhose, pantyhose even for men. The selection is almost huge and can be difficult to make. But there ist one special kind of pantyhose. These are the crotchless tights.

You have never heard of them? Well, the pantyhose ouvert is not intended for daily use. Whereby it stands naturally completely in the sense of the woman, how often and to which reason she would like to wear these crotchless tights.
If you still have no idea which pantyhose the crotchless tights are, then you should definitely read on.
The crotchless tights are not made for everyday life. This model has a very special feature, which can only be found with the tights ouvert and not with other tights, which you can find on the market.

open crotch to have a good time

So the crotch of these tights is open. This means that both the genital area and the bottom are absolutely exposed. Either you see the underwear here or you do not wear these panties.
The crotchless pantyhose are actually worn when you want to get your love life going. The woman can excite the man in this way particularly strongly and bring some change in the bedroom.

crotchless tightsOf course, it is up to each woman to decide when and where she wants to wear the pantyhose ouvert. But this model is not really meant to be worn all day long.
The material is relatively thin and fine. That’s why you should take great care when putting on or taking off your pantyhose. Not that the good piece tears when you put it on for the first time or gets a running stitch.

After all, you should know at this point that such pantyhose ouvert somewhat more expensive in price than conventional pantyhose for everyday use. But you don’t buy a huge amount of it and you can compare the prices before you buy before you decide on a model.

Especially if you search the Internet for crotchless tights, you will have no problems with the price comparison. After all, you have offered on the Internet some portals, which have a huge selection of various items of clothing – including the pantyhose ouvert ouvert. But you can also compare individual erotic shops directly and take a closer look at the prices there. Or you can order directly from the individual manufacturers, if you already have an idea of what these tights offer.

Otherwise you will surely find what you are looking for in an erotic shop near you. There the price is usually a little higher set, but you have the advantage that you will advise best. In addition, everything is kept there very discreet and you can look around in peace for the matching tights ouvert. You will notice relatively fast, which beautiful advantages the pantyhose ouvert will bring so with itself.

crotchless tights – best ouvert pantyhose
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