different pantyhose styles – Which hosiery is perfect for your legs?

In fashion there are many different ways to set the legs in scene. A recurring discussion says that matt pantyhose is often preferred to shiny pantyhose.


black and sheer pantyhose

This is indeed the case, because the shiny effect often makes the legs look a little thicker. Normally you want to avoid this absolutely with stockings, so that you should use the matt version for thicker legs.

In addition, there are now also no more color limits. However, you should make sure that especially bright colors do not match every outfit and are not always suitable for everyday use. Black, skin-coloured or white pantyhose are definitely the best choice for everyday wear and, with a high-quality piece of clothing, will ensure a real eye-catcher in the men’s world and envious looks of the ladies.

Pantyhose can make your legs look great, if you choose suitable models. Be sure to find the perfect hosiery for your legs!

Sometimes there are pantyhose trends like the fishnet tights, whereby here is also distinguished between different outfits. On the one hand it is important that the mesh of the fishnet tights is kept discreet and small in order to make them useful for everyday use. On the other hand, large meshes are currently popular.

patterned pantyhose

In the area of the more unusual pantyhose you will find more and more models with patterns on the market. Here the patterns range from simple stripes to very feminine charming flowers. In order to find the perfect pattern for your own outfit, you should at least avoid the most important no-go’s.

patterned pantyhose

nice pantyhose with flower pattern

In combination with other patterned pieces, such pantyhose can quickly appear overloaded, so several patterns are rather “too much”. Therefore applies here: When combining plain and plain garments on patterned pantyhose, not only the pattern comes into its own, but also the garment that is worn with it.

A simple and stylish accessory rounds off the overall picture and the outfit will definitely become an eye-catcher. Especially because not many women dare to put on a patterned pantyhose variant and rather fall back on the simple, normal models. The pantyhose model with suspender optics offers a special pattern. Although this is a more daring version, the look is undoubtedly particularly beautiful.

If you don’t like the normal stockings or stockings without a holster, for example because it is simply too airy on cold days or because you have the feeling that the stockings are constantly slipping, these tights are the perfect choice. The combination of the popular look with the advantages of a pantyhose is almost unbeatable for lovers of this look.

hold ups – stay up stockings

An optical highlight for the wardrobe of the woman are hold ups. Hardly any other version of a woman’s leg dress has more sex appeal than this garment. When the pantyhose became big in the 60s, the stockings came onto the market with her. However, at first it was rather difficult for them to assert themselves against the classic.

But the advantages of the stockings without a hold-up are not to be neglected, because also exactly therefore, they conquer the bedrooms today and are even worn on other occasions now and then. In contrast to normal tights, they are not only more erotic, but also more practical, for example when you need to go to the toilet. In winter you can also buy warm thigh high tights.

support pantyhose

Everyone knows that and everyone has them: the small problem zones. Whether on the stomach, buttocks or legs, having no place that is not according to one’s own wishes actually borders on impossibility. And these are the very reasons that the market has taken up pantyhose, which is precisely specialized in it: the Shape pantyhose. The solution to small wrinkles and unwanted fat pads is something to be proud of. These pantyhose are developed in such a way that you can feel really comfortable in your clothes.

And whoever complains that all this is just a cheat should be told: If it serves the well-being, then it is allowed in any case! The support pantyhose convinces above all by its matt look, which makes you slim anyway. Here are two tips for optimal lamination. If you combine a monochrome model with shoes of the same colour, you will achieve a particularly good result.

In addition, there are special body shape tights that not only beautify the legs, but also conceal the bottom and thighs. There are also “belly away” variants. So go with the Shape models and bye to nagging at your own body.

pantyhose for men

For several decades now, tights have become a commodity that can be found in every wardrobe belonging to a woman. But also in the male guild the outcry is getting bigger and bigger after the leg dress. Finally, when it comes to equality, one can understand the complaints of men, since in the beginning it was seldom possible to buy models for men. Most men would deny this at first, because the pride is much too big to be seen by others with a special men’s tights.

It cannot be denied however that the offer did not become in vain always larger and will become this also in the next years still. This trend also stems from the fact that once a man has first worn men’s tights as an alternative to uncomfortable long underpants, he can no longer get away so easily from the modern garment for men. Too quickly you learn to appreciate the advantages of men’s pantyhose. The men’s model is enjoying increasing popularity especially in the sports sector. But also pantyhose for men, which already resembles the classic model of women, is more and more in demand.